Stay Ice

(Frozen Helsinki Creative)

Dark side of the moon/Universum


Age: 8

Sponsors: Mum and Dad

Stance: Unknown


Stay Ice Crew was born a frosty winter 2011 in Helsinki, Finland. They are known in the streets of their weird transgressive graffiti and statement art work, it’s playful, experimental, graphic and really unique. Now they want to paint outdoor and indoor walls, big murals and spaceships. Stay Ice’s creative studio got icy history; Collaborations with brands like Slush, Art Wave, Kalafornia, Tikari Skateboards, Burlesque Tsunami, Pinquino Surfboards. Mind extending gallery exhibitions like The Black Box: Helsinki Mobile Modern Art Museum, Myymälä2 and many group exhibitions. Super (n)ice illustrations and graphic designing for commissioned works like prints, logos, posters and publications. They are also running a small street wear brand and rad party’s in their own Stay Ice Club in Helsinki!